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  • The company provides welfare for all employees

    Date:9, 18, 2019Hits:3


          When the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, in order to express company to employees care, thanks to the hard work of all employees, on September 11, in the afternoon, the company issued the Mid-Autumn welfare for staff, comprehensive department of the company carefully selected cases and welfare items sent to the hands of every employee, at the same time also sent to the company leadership to the staff of the thick love and full of the Mid-Autumn blessing.

            Over the years, the company attaches great importance to the staff in the enterprise management of the humanities concern, whenever the Mid-Autumn festival, New Year's day, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals for the welfare of the employees paid close items, reflects the people-oriented corporate culture, enhance cohesion at the same time make the employees feel the company family warmth, added power to promote enterprise development.