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  • Number Guangxi: sugar production accounts for about 6 of the country's total output.

    Date:11, 20, 2018Hits:2

    "The use of a large number of agricultural machinery has liberated labor force, high efficiency and reduced costs." Ding Lei, director of Quli Town Radar Modern Agricultural Cooperative in Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi, said, "Thanks to the construction of Guangxi's"double-high"(high-yield and high-sugar) sugar cane base, 11,000 mu of sugarcane in our cooperative has been mechanized from planting, management to harvesting. At present, a ton of sugarcane can save at least 60 yuan."

    A few days ago, a reporter in Chongzuo, Guangxi, saw that the growth of sugarcane patches is gratifying, while the number of people engaged in field management is countless.

    Since the establishment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 60 years ago, the sugar industry has been developing continuously. At present, the sugar output has accounted for about 60% of the total national output, which is the real "sugar jar" of China.

    For a long time, sugar cane production in Guangxi has been confronted with such problems as high planting cost, low mechanization level and low comprehensive utilization rate. In order to enhance the competitiveness of sugar industry and ensure the national sugar safety, Guangxi has vigorously promoted the structural reform of sugar supply side in recent years. In February 2014, Guangxi launched the pilot project of "double high" sugar cane base construction. In 2015, the relevant state departments jointly issued the "Sugarcane Production Development Plan for the Major Sugarcane Production Areas (2015-2020)".

    According to estimates, the cost of sugar cane planting in Guangxi is expected to decrease by about 150 yuan per ton after the planned construction of a "double-high" sugar cane base of 5 million mu.

    Mechanization of sugar cane production is the core of reducing sugar production and increasing efficiency. Guangxi has continuously introduced new technologies and management concepts, and on the basis of water conservancy, vigorously promoted management measures such as soil testing formula, intellectualized water, fertilizer and pesticide integration, as well as "double-high" varieties planting, high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation techniques, biological control of pests and diseases, and a series of effective measures to promote sugar cane yield further increase. High.

    At the same time, Guangxi has continued to support high-quality compulsory sugar enterprises, encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize, develop recycling economy of sugar industry such as alcohol, yeast, paper-making, bio-organic fertilizer, and elongate the industrial chain. A sugarcane can basically be "eaten and squeezed out". Among the total output value of sugar industry, the comprehensive utilization output value of sugar industry accounts for more than 40%. The output of Bagasse Pulping and papermaking and power generation of bagasse rank in the forefront of the country.

    Statistics from Guangxi Sugar Industry Development Office show that in the squeezing season of 2017/2018, the planting area of sugar cane in Guangxi was 11.4 million mu, an increase of 200,000 Mu over the same period of last year; the crushing volume of sugar cane in the factory was 5.83 million tons, an increase of 7.83 million tons over the same period of last year; the sugar output was 6.025 million tons, an increase of 73,000 tons over the same period of last year; and the income of farmers planted sugarcane was 25. About 4 billion 400 million yuan.

    Up to October 15 this year, Guangxi has completed land consolidation of 422.16 million mu of "double-high" sugar cane base. The cultivated rate, planting rate and machine yield of "double-high" sugar cane base in 2017/2018 are 99.62%, 75.66% and 15.11%. According to expert sampling, the average yield per mu and sucrose content of "double high" sugarcane base sample points are 7.15 tons and 14.53%, basically achieving the construction goal.

    Source: Xinhua news agency;