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  • Participate in zhengzhou Commodity Exchange designated sugar delivery warehouse meeting

    Date:11, 26, 2019Hits:0

        The meeting of 2019 white sugar delivery warehouse (factory) warehouse was successfully held at 9 am on November 19 in zhengzhou. The organizer of the meeting was zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, and representatives of the designated white sugar delivery warehouse (factory) warehouse of zheng business in China were sent to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by guo linghui of the delivery department of zheng shang. Liu hongjun, minister of delivery department, made a comprehensive summary of the annual work and put forward new requirements.


    Liu hongjun said that the delivery is an important link in the commodity futures trading process and a bridge connecting the futures and spot markets. Whether the delivery of commodity futures is smooth is related to the close relationship between the futures market and the spot market and the degree to which the economic function of the futures market can be effectively played.


    Based on the delivery situation in recent years, this paper analyzes the reasons for the change of the pattern caused by the increase of sugar content in northern beet, the impact of grey sugar such as smuggled sugar on the market under the background of huge price difference at home and abroad, and the operational difficulties of sugar enterprises caused by the high cost in white sugar producing areas. At the same time, higher standards are put forward for the safety and development of the delivery warehouse, such as optimizing the internal mechanism of the delivery warehouse and promoting the construction of the information system. Cooperate with the third party company to evaluate the delivery warehouse, check the basic information of the enterprise in fire fighting and safety production, find out whether the standardization of palletization in the delivery warehouse, the precise accuracy of palletization distribution map and other signs, whether the palletization channel conforms to the regulations and other basic issues have been implemented, so as to further strengthen the supervision of each delivery warehouse.


    During the meeting, the award ceremony was held for the 7 outstanding delivery warehouses selected in 2018. Minister liu hongjun personally presented the award to the representatives of the warehouses and affirmed the management of the outstanding delivery warehouses. Qinhuangdao jisheng logistics co., LTD. Won the honor of excellent delivery warehouse.


    The meeting entered into a free discussion session. The representatives of each warehouse discussed the issues such as the increase of labor cost, the enhancement of mechanization level and the low return of single warehouse function. The representatives made active speeches and the atmosphere was active, which pushed the meeting to a climax. Zhang xiaojuan, general manager of our company, made a brief speech on the company's delivery volume and market situation analysis in recent years, which was well received by the industry colleagues present.


    At last, minister liu hongjun made a concluding speech, zheng shang will sort out the problems summarized by the delivery warehouses in this meeting, and solve the problems for the delivery warehouses. The meeting of the designated sugar delivery warehouse of zhengzhou Commodity Exchange provides a platform for each delivery warehouse to exchange and learn from each other. Jisheng logistics will take this meeting as an opportunity to jointly promote the development of delivery business with more attentive services.