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  • Prevent risk, protect safety, welcome daqing

    Date:9, 18, 2019Hits:0


         Mid-Autumn festival, National Day double festival approaching, my company attaches great importance to the work of safety production, recently, the main person in charge of safety production, special operations personnel and safety officers on the factory and warehouse circuit, conveyor belt and other equipment and facilities for a thorough investigation of hidden dangers.


        Hu Chunwei integrated manager to participate in donggang town, logistics park of the organization's production safety meeting, for the donggang town, logistics park, safe production "double control" mechanism construction and the special limited space work deployment mobilization meeting, donggang town, logistics park "Mid-Autumn festival", "National Day" during the two deployment of production safety meeting, donggang town, logistics park "risk prevention, safe and meet the daqing" safety in production work deployment conference, donggang town of work safety in production, logistics park, the third quarter four on the agenda of the meeting, the meeting Hu Chunwei integrated manager for important positions held the production safety training education, Convey the important notice of hebei provincial safety committee, convey the spirit of the government safety meeting, strengthen safety supervision during the double festival, and emphasize the safety of warehousing loading and unloading operations.


         According to the requirements of the government of donggang town and logistics park, safety slogans are posted, daqing banners are hung and the national flag is displayed to enhance the patriotic and enterprise consciousness of all employees, enhance their sense of safety responsibility, jointly maintain the situation of safe production, and present a gift to National Day with practical actions.