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  • Tapioca starch daily review: domestic prices continue to fall

    Date:11, 26, 2019Hits:0

    1. Domestic cassava starch market overview


    Today, the domestic cassava starch market performance is stable, the market supply is more adequate, the downstream demand is still general, the delivery of goods is slightly slow, the overall price of traders stable, some brand pre-sale price fell. Qingdao port Thai pink 3450-3750 yuan/ton, Vietnam pink 3350-3550 yuan/ton. The arrival of goods in border trade market has increased, and the pressure of traders' inventory is not serious. The mainstream quotation is 3040-3380 yuan/ton. Domestic powder manufacturers have started pressing, Chen powder price stable in decline, low grade quoted 3400-500 yuan/ton, medium grade quoted 3500-3600 yuan/ton, high-grade quoted 3600-3900 yuan/ton.

    2. Brief description of external disk

    The supply of raw materials in Thailand has improved, and the quotation of the factory is temporarily stable. The mid-end powder quoted FOB Bangkok 405-415 usd/ton, and Vietnam started normal shipment. The supply of raw materials continues to improve.

    3. Market trend analysis and prediction

    Thailand's supply of raw materials increased, factory output slowly increased. Vietnam recently more new orders, manufacturers to maintain a high level. The arrival of goods in the domestic market has increased, and the tight supply situation will be eased to some extent. Zhuochuang expects that the cassava starch market will maintain stable operation and the price will be stable in the near future.

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