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  • Cassava starch price dynamics

    Date:9, 25, 2019Hits:0

         Yesterday, the domestic cassava starch market performance is general, the market continues to arrive, spot supply is more adequate, the downstream demand is still not improved, traders shipping mentality is more positive, the market is slightly slow, the price fell steadily. Border market inventory pressure is not large, the price is relatively stable.

        Raw materials and commencement: the supply of raw materials in Thailand is relatively stable, and the pressure of the manufacturers' inventory is not high. The mid-end powder is quoted as FOB Bangkok 415-435 usd/ton. Vietnam's supply of raw materials has improved, and factory inventories are under little pressure, currently mostly quoted at $CNF395-415 / ton.

        Exchange rate: bank of China's selling rate for us $712.87 (unit: 100) as of 8:00 a.m. this morning.

        Forecast: raw material supply in Thailand is relatively stable, starch output is growing steadily, factory orders are not much, the quotation is stable. Vietnamese raw material supplies continue to increase, the factory boast pressure is reasonable. Domestic continued to arrive, the market delivery is still slow, zhuochuang estimated that the recent cassava starch market to maintain stable operation, the price is low.

        Transfer from: zhuo chuang information