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  • Price Dynamics of Cassava Starch

    Date:1, 21, 2019Hits:1

    Cassava Starch Outer Plate and Market Price List

    Regional Unit Price Compared with Last Week's Price Regional Unit Price Compared with Last Week's Price

    Thailand Dollar/ton 425-435 0 Qingdao Vietnam Dollar/ton 3550-3700 0

    Vietnam Dollar/Ton 420-430 0. Guangxi Border Trade Dollar/Ton 3280-3580 0

    Qingdao, Thailand, 3650-3800 yuan/ton

    Note: Domestic prices are based on Non-tax statistics, FOB prices in Thailand and CNF prices in Vietnam, and are based on yesterday's closing price.

    Last week, the domestic cassava starch Market showed a stable performance, and the ports arrived one after another. Vietnamese flour was the majority of the products arrived. Traders'inventory pressure was not large. The quotations were stable as a whole. Some brands' quotations were pulled back and the goods were relatively stable. The arrival of goods in the frontier trade market increased, downstream demand warmed up, and TRADERS'quotations rose slightly.

    Raw materials and start-up trends: Thai manufacturers have more new orders, less inventory pressure, quotation slightly increased, middle-end powder FOB Bangkok 425-435 U.S. dollars / ton. Vietnamese manufacturers have more orders and their quotations are rising steadily. At present, most of them are reported to CNF420-430 USD/ton.

    Exchange rate: As of 8:00 a.m., the selling price of Bank of China's US dollar cash is 679.39 (trading unit: 100).

    Forecast: The supply of raw materials in foreign countries is slightly general, the output of manufacturers is increasing slowly, the demand in China has warmed up recently, and the quotation of manufacturers is rising steadily. Inventory pressure of domestic traders is not high. Stock reserve gradually came to an end before downstream. Market movement slowed down gradually. Zhuochuang expects that cassava starch market will keep stable operation and prices will stabilize in the near future.