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  • Guangxi beibu bay port issued the first "cold chain + general cargo" train

    Date:11, 26, 2019Hits:0

    Recently, in the cold chain container handling station of fangcheng port, guangxi, two refrigerated containers of 60 tons of aquatic products produced in asean, together with rapeseed oil and soybean meal, were set out to dazhou city, sichuan province. It is expected that this batch of "asean dishes" will be served on the table of dazhou citizens in 3 days.

    Guangxi is the main producing area of domestic aquatic products, and also the main channel of asean aquatic products import. Every year, a large number of aquatic products are exported to all parts of the country. This batch of 60 tons of aquatic products are mainly Marine fish and shrimp, which is a hot food in sichuan hotpot and deeply loved by local people. In the past has been in the cold chain train mode, need to gather together 8 boxes before the train, this first "cold chain + general goods" boutique train smoothly sent out, effectively broke the restructuring contract, conducive to the rapid development of the cold chain industry. In the future, the cold chain products departing from fangcheng port can be directly programmed into ordinary goods trains in the same direction, belonging to a more flexible cold chain transport mode.

    The successful launch of the train marked the completion of another point-to-point cold chain route between guangxi and sichuan, following the opening of the cold chain route between fangchenggang and guang 'an this year. The launch of the "cold chain + general cargo" train provides a new mode for the delivery of asean chilled fresh products to all parts of the country.

    Transfer from: China logistics and procurement network