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  • Bringing the Main Force into Full Play to Promote the High Quality Development of Ship Inspection

    Date:11, 29, 2018Hits:1

    On November 26, the high-level seminar on strategic development of China Classification Society (CCS) and the 2018 annual meeting of the Council were held in Beijing. He Jianzhong, Vice Minister of Transport, attended the meeting and stressed that Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era should be thoroughly implemented, the main role of the national ship inspection force should continue to be brought into full play, and the construction of transportation and shipping powers should be actively participated in, so as to further promote the high-quality development of ship inspection.

    He Jianzhong fully affirmed the implementation of the reform and deployment of state institutions by CCS in 2018. He pointed out that the overall development goal of the shipping industry in the new era is to open up and lead, strengthen maritime transport, upgrade inland rivers, drive innovation and create first-class. He demanded that the high-quality development of ship inspection should be based on Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. First, deepen reform and innovation. We should intensify the reform from the aspects of system innovation, technology innovation and management innovation. Second, we should promote open cooperation. We should be deeply integrated into the international organization platforms (IMO and IACS), voice China, contribute China's wisdom and put forward China's plans. We should practice our internal skills, achieve open cooperation around the major national strategies, and actively expand business sector cooperation. Third, strengthen green development. We should further implement the concept of ecological priority development, take effective measures to promote the application of clean energy in shipping industry, and comprehensively promote the construction of ship emission control zones. Fourthly, we should take measures to improve our strategy. It is necessary to refine the establishment of an international first-class classification society index system, train professional and technical personnel, and play a supporting role in ship inspection technology in deep and Far-sea areas. Fifth, to implement the responsibility of Party building. We should put political construction in the first place, firmly establish "four self-confidence", strengthen "four consciousness", achieve "two resolute safeguards", strengthen the construction of grass-roots Party organizations, give play to the "head goose" effect, strictly implement the overall strict control of the Party's main responsibility, supervision responsibility and "one post and two responsibilities", and persevere in righteousness, discipline and discipline. Style construction.

    In his work report, Mo Jianhui, Secretary of CCS Party Group, said that in 2018, CCS's ability to serve the national strategy was significantly enhanced, leading role of scientific and technological innovation was highlighted, quality of inspection continued to be excellent, brand recognition and international influence were further enhanced, and all the work was well completed. More than 40 delegates from government organs, the army, enterprises, financial institutions and associations of colleges and universities attended the meeting. The principal heads of CCS branches attended the meeting.